Helping your business digital transformation Monitoring systems in accordance with modern world practices.

Being one of the leaders of the Russian OSS and ITSM market, T1 Integration offers a full cycle of work on implementation, customization, integration, project management and technical support of monitoring systems. Partnerships with leading manufacturers and in-depth expertise based on a comparative analysis of products from different vendors allow us to ensure the optimal choice of technical solutions in accordance with customer requirements.

T1 Integration is actively developing the in-demand OSS direction for monitoring IT services and applications, introducing umbrella systems for monitoring IT infrastructure and business processes. The company's projects in the field of umbrella monitoring of IT infrastructure are aimed at ensuring the operability of business applications that support relevant business processes in order to minimize the risks of critical situations that can cause financial or image damage to customers. Taking into account the importance of information resources for modern organizations, monitoring systems are focused on early detection of possible problems in the operation of infrastructure and prevention of their negative impact on business.

In this area, the company has carried out a number of projects that have no analogues in the Russian market in terms of complexity and volume, for example, the introduction of a Unified monitoring and administration System in the Moscow Department of Information Technology, the creation of a unified monitoring system for service platforms in MTS, a monitoring and dispatching system for technological processes in the data processing center of Technopark-Mordovia, an integrated monitoring system for IT resources and user support in Bashneft, etc.

The increasing complexity and dynamism of the information environment dictates the need to use advanced analytics tools and Big Data technology platforms to solve IT infrastructure monitoring tasks. Having the necessary resources to develop expertise in this direction, T1 Integration is working on creating systems that allow accumulating a large flow of telemetry data from controlled IT devices and providing operational access to this data in accordance with business needs.

Key services and solutions
  • Fault management systems

    Fault Management systems are a necessary tool for fixing and locating the source of the problem and notifying the maintenance service personnel about existing failures and failures in real time. For passive monitoring of the state of an IT resource, both visual surveillance or audio monitoring can be used, as well as various, pre-specified emergency messages via various communication channels.

  • Performance management systems

    Performance Management systems (performance management) allow you to identify potential problems before the moment of failure. With the help of these systems, it is possible to achieve optimal utilization of equipment and data transmission channels, monitor the flow of network traffic, as well as plan capacity expansion. The task of proactive monitoring of the state of IT infrastructure elements is achieved by periodic monitoring, measuring performance characteristics and tracking their location in acceptable ranges.

  • Problem management systems

    Problem management systems allow you to automate the troubleshooting process, providing the ability to plan and control the activities carried out.

  • Service quality management systems

    Service Assurance systems are a combination of Fault Management and Performance Management systems with additional mechanisms for end-to-end performance testing. They allow you to monitor the quality of services provided based on service level agreements. These systems aggregate key performance indicators KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) collected by performance management systems in Key Quality Indicators —KQI) - key service quality indicators.

  • Service Desk class systems

    In order to improve the efficiency of IT departments, the quality of IT services and the speed of troubleshooting, T1 Integration offers the introduction of Service Desk systems that provide a single window for user requests and registration of incidents related to the operability of information resources.

    Service Desk systems allow you to solve a whole range of tasks, including monitoring the performance of work, auditing the actions of specialists, consolidating and formalizing experience in restoring IT services in the corporate knowledge base, forming metrics of personnel and services provided, etc.

  • Umbrella IT infrastructure monitoring systems and business processes

    In order to ensure the most complete coverage of all business applications and provide the customer with a holistic picture of the state of IT services, T1 Integration offers the introduction of umbrella monitoring systems. Such systems perform deep monitoring of the health of business applications and display information about all resources in a single interface in real time.

    The functions of umbrella monitoring systems include the formation of reports with the necessary detail, statistics and operational analysis of the compliance of IT services with current business needs.

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