Helping your business digital transformation IT infrastructure in accordance with modern world practices.

T1 Integration applies an integrated approach to the creation of IT infrastructure, which allows for a high level of reliability and security of solutions, flexibility, adaptability and scalability of engineering systems depending on the needs of the enterprise's business, as well as to reduce the risks associated with the operability of equipment.

T1 Integration offers services for the construction of engineering systems in a container shell, the creation of data center infrastructure, work on building engineering systems, the creation of automated information management systems, the implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency solutions.

When designing engineering systems, the company uses advanced 3D and CFD modeling technologies, which allows us to calculate the optimal characteristics of each system based on the requirements for energy saving, performance and stability of the infrastructure being created. This approach significantly reduces the cost of calculations and solving engineering analysis problems, ensures prompt adoption of design decisions.

Key solutions and services
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems

    To ensure the uninterrupted operation of electrical equipment of engineering infrastructure and computing resources of customers, T1 Integration provides services for the implementation of uninterruptible power supply systems.

    Depending on the specifics of the facility, our specialists will offer the optimal solution based on dynamic diesel (DDIBP) or static uninterruptible power supplies, power supply units (EPU) from leading manufacturers: Schneider Electric, GE, etc.

  • Structured Cable Networks (SCS)

    T1 Integration performs a full range of work on the design, creation and maintenance of structured cable networks, which are the basis of the corporate telecommunications system. The projects use equipment from leading industry vendors: Eurolan, Systimax, Panduit, etc.

  • Ventilation, air conditioning, cold supply

    T1 Integration performs the design, implementation and maintenance of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, focusing on energy conservation and optimization of operational costs of customers.

    The company's expertise covers all types of equipment from household to industrial solutions, including freecooling systems, precision air conditioners and refrigerating machines, direct water cooling systems, etc. «T1 Integration» provides services for the creation of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems both as part of complex projects, for example, during the construction and equipping of data centers, and as separate works.

  • Automated monitoring (dispatching) systems of engineering infrastructure

    T1 Integration offers comprehensive solutions for monitoring the operation of engineering systems, allowing you to automate this process as much as possible and minimize the involvement of operators. Automated monitoring systems make it possible to completely eliminate the need for permanent presence of personnel at remote facilities, for example, when placing engineering systems in a container shell.

    Specialized solutions are used to centrally ensure the security of enterprises and maintain the operability of engineering systems. For example, for automated monitoring and intelligent management of all engineering subsystems, the implementation of the Building Management System (BMS) is proposed. Automated data collection from engineering systems and control of the occurrence of potentially dangerous situations is carried out by the engineering systems monitoring system (SMIS). In order to prevent emergencies and promptly eliminate their consequences, the SMIS automatically transmits information to a single dispatch service.

  • Engineering systems in a container shell

    To ensure the smooth operation of customers' equipment at sites remote from the main infrastructure, T1 Integration offers comprehensive engineering solutions in a container shell. Autonomous power centers are supplied in all-weather containers, which can be used as main or backup power sources. The systems are delivered in a high degree of readiness, which allows them to be put into operation quickly.

  • Engineering systems of buildings

    T1 Integration implements projects to create engineering systems of buildings as a single complex, united by an automated monitoring and intelligent control system. During the construction of new buildings, administrative and office structures, industrial buildings, hotels, shopping or business centers, reconstruction of existing facilities, T1 Integration offers:

    • Building life support solutions (power supply and electrical distribution, air conditioning, heating and ventilation, water supply, sanitation, etc.)
    • Solutions for the organization of the required composition of low-current communications (communications, multimedia, TV, clock, etc.)
    • Solutions to ensure the necessary level of security (fire extinguishing, fire and burglar alarms, access control and management, telenavision, etc.)
  • Data center engineering infrastructure

    For the rapid deployment of data center infrastructure, T1 Integration offers a comprehensive high-availability engineering solution with the possibility of unlimited scalability, a modular data center, an IT CREW.

    One data center module includes server and engineering blocks. There are 14 42U, 19" racks installed in the server unit to accommodate active equipment. Server racks are installed parallel to the water cooling panels and fixed on rail rails. The power of the server unit is designed up to 10 kW per rack, up to 140 kW per unit. The life support systems of the data center are installed in the engineering block - a compartment for cold supply and uninterruptible power supply systems. The engineering systems of the modular data center are pre-installed, adjusted and tested. Subsequent development can take place by adding an engineering and server unit to the existing complex. When the server blocks are docked, a single technological room is formed for the installation of active equipment.

    The IT CREW solution is especially relevant for remote areas or cities with a high cost of renting space or buying a building. A modular data center can be placed near cheap sources of electricity and relocated in case of changes in business needs, which ensures the safety of investments.

    The implementation of the project to create a modular data center with 56 racks takes 6 months, which is 1.5-2 times less than the deadline for the construction and equipping of a stationary data center. IT is possible to implement the IT CREW solution in accordance with Tier III or Tier IV according to the Uptime Institute classification.

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