Helping your business digital transformation Information infrastructure in accordance with modern world practices.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of IT services, T1 Integration offers a full range of work on the creation, development and modernization of information infrastructure: from audit and IT strategy development to the implementation and technical support of systems in full compliance with business needs.

An integrated approach to the tasks of informatization allows achieving a high level of reliability, fault and disaster tolerance of the IT infrastructure, optimizing the costs of ensuring uninterrupted and high-performance operation of information resources, minimizing the risks of system failures and damage to production processes.

Key solutions
  • Computing platforms

    T1 Integration designs and deploys complex solutions covering the entire spectrum of customer needs: from building infrastructure to implementing business applications.Being a partner of leading manufacturers of server equipment, the company implements and provides technical support for computing systems that ensure the smooth operation of business applications with a high level of service. The company's portfolio of solutions includes a wide range of equipment focused on various tasks.

    Servers built on RISC architecture processors serve as the basis of a variety of computing complexes - from application servers and high-load DBMS serving thousands of users at the same time to supercomputers designed for scientific computing. The use of the capabilities of the latest RISC servers makes it possible to increase the competitiveness of enterprises by radically reducing the processing time of critical business information, as well as reduce the cost of servicing computing complexes by consolidating servers thanks to hardware support for virtualization technologies.

    T1 Integration uses Oracle SPARC servers, IBM Power Systems, Fujitsu SPARC servers to design and implement computing complexes that ensure the smooth operation of business applications with a high level of service. The company's specialists also provide technical support for Oracle and IBM servers and system software.

    Mainframe architecture servers are characterized by high performance, computing power, availability of advanced data protection tools, support clustering and virtualization. The combination of characteristics makes it possible to use such servers in business-critical systems, for example, for processing transactions in real time, and at the same time reduce the total cost of ownership of a computing complex.

    Servers built on x86 processors are used to solve a wide range of tasks: from servicing loaded DBMS and processing big data to ensuring the operation of infrastructure services.

    T1 Integration is a partner of leading x86 server manufacturers HP, Lenovo, Dell, Oracle, Cisco, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Huawei. The company's specialists are certified to provide technical support for HP, Lenovo, Dell server equipment. T1 Integration is also a partner of leading software manufacturers for the x86 platform, such as Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, Oracle. This allows the company's specialists to design and deploy comprehensive solutions covering the full range of customer needs: from building infrastructure to implementing business applications.

  • Data storage solutions

    Data storage solutions include a set of hardware and software tools for reliable and efficient data storage and use. T1 Integration solutions in the field of data storage are based on disk arrays, SAN switches, tape libraries, as well as monitoring software and effective data management. «T1 Integration» he has expertise and experience in building solutions for data storage and management of various scales, from the level of a small enterprise to highly loaded geographically distributed high availability systems, using advanced technologies from leading global vendors.

    A multi-level data storage system allows you to automatically distribute data across storage levels with different performance and cost per gigabyte of information, depending on the activity of their use.

    Virtualization of storage systems allows you to move from the disk level, disk system to the resource pool level. This process is transparent to the end user, who simply gets the necessary capacity for the system. Virtualization in data storage systems allows you to raise the level of data availability, improve performance, simplify administration and reduce maintenance costs of data storage systems.

    T1 Integration offers the construction of fault-tolerant geographically distributed solutions that allow you to maintain the availability and continuity of data provision even in the event of a disaster. Building fault-tolerant and disaster-resistant solutions allows you to achieve RPO and RTO indicators (Recovery Point Objective; data availability point in case of failure; Recovery Time Objective; acceptable service recovery time) equal to zero for systems of the highest criticality.

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of data storage and management solutions from leading global manufacturers: Fujitsu, Huawei, HP, Dell, NetApp, etc.

  • Data backup

    Data backup solutions allow you to ensure the safety of data from various business systems and the rapid recovery of services in the event of hardware or software failures.

    When implementing a data backup solution, the main focus is on the following indicators:

    • Reaching the set parameters of RPO/RTO
    • The use of data deduplication technology at various levels to reduce the utilization of existing infrastructure and reduce the cost of disk storage space
    • Improving the reliability of data storage
    • Consolidation of backup operations in a single system

    T1 Integration has expertise in designing and implementing backup solutions from leading manufacturers: Symantec NetBackup, Symantec Backup Exec, Commvault Simpana, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

  • Archiving data
    Modern archiving systems make it possible to solve problems related to the constant growth of data volume, budget constraints and, in some cases, regulatory requirements for long-term data storage and retrieval.

    Solved problems:

    • Optimal data placement
    • Providing users with transparent access to archived data
    • Reduction of backup and recovery time of the original business system by moving old and rarely used data to a centralized archive

    As a rule, inexpensive slow devices are used as storage devices, it is also possible to store archived data in the cloud.

    T1 Integration has extensive experience in implementing complex integration projects that solve data archiving problems using Veritas Enterprise Vault, CommVault Simpana OnePass technologies, etc.

  • Software solutions for application protection

    To protect the business from failures of server equipment or the site as a whole, it is necessary to provide a solution that will allow restarting critical applications on a backup server or data center with minimal downtime. The application of these protection mechanisms is based on the use of data replication technologies at the level of data storage systems or at the level of management software.

    Solved problems:

    • Ensuring high availability with minimal service downtime
    • Ability to test recovery plans without downtime of production infrastructure
    • Tracking the status of applications during recovery
    • Ensuring business continuity at any level

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of application protection solutions from leading manufacturers: Symantec Veritas Cluster, VMware SRM, Veeam Backup & Replication, etc.

  • Virtualization of computing infrastructure

    The use of virtualization technologies for computing infrastructure allows you to build a flexible, dynamically changeable, scalable system that efficiently uses allocated resources with minimal costs for the operation of virtualization tools.

    Solved problems:

    • Consolidation of server resources
    • Improving the availability and performance of servers
    • Simplification of administration
    • Reduction of capital and operating costs

    The modern development of virtualization technologies allows them to be used in almost any components of the computing infrastructure:

    • Virtualization of server hardware allows abstracting the operating system and deployed applications from physical server components, which allows for increased utilization of equipment and consolidation of resources
    • Network virtualization allows you to implement the basic technologies of physical network equipment by software, which significantly reduces the speed of deployment of new components, increases the security of the solution, reduces operating costs
    • Virtualization of desktop computers allows to achieve almost instant deployment of workplaces for new employees, provides centralized storage and backup of data, reduces the risks of loss or theft of information
    • Application virtualization allows you to increase the fault tolerance of solutions, reduces the recovery time after failures, and allows you to implement various disaster tolerance scenarios
    • Storage virtualization allows you to implement an efficient way of using storage resources in a virtual infrastructure and optimize the use of resources

    T1 Integration is a partner of key developers of virtualization solutions: VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat. The developed expertise and accumulated experience allow us to perform a full cycle of work from the survey of the existing infrastructure and elaboration of the solution concept to the implementation and support of deployed components.

  • Server and client workplace management system

    The server and workplace management system allows you to automate the work of IT departments, reduce the number of tasks performed manually.

    Solved problems:

    • Improving the productivity and efficiency of IT environments
    • Ensuring the most efficient use of hardware and software
    • Prompt provision of necessary software products to users

    T1 Integration has extensive experience in deploying Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and CA Client Automation solutions to automate the work of IT departments.

  • Workstations, thin clients, mobile workstations

    Depending on business requirements, the issue of organizing employees' workplaces can be solved in different ways: starting from using classic workstations or thin clients and ending with a mobile virtual workplace that allows the user to work with the necessary applications in a familiar environment from anywhere in the world from any device.

    Solved problems:

    • Organization of the workflow in the office and for remote employees
    • Providing conditions for effective work of personnel
    • Ensuring a high level of reliability and safety of workplaces
    • Reducing the cost of maintenance and support of the PC fleet

    T1 Integration offers comprehensive solutions for the organization of virtual workplace infrastructure (VDI) and the transition from traditional workstations to the use of thin clients and mobile devices. These solutions are based on the products and technologies of leading vendors: VMware, Citrix, Dell and HP.

  • Database Management Systems (DBMS)

    Database management systems (DBMS) are used in data processing and storage tasks in various information systems. DBMS are used in business applications, management systems, research activities, web applications. The most common are relational databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Sybase ASE. In addition to universal DBMS, specialized DBMS and hardware and software complexes such as Terradata, Sybase IQ, SAP HANA, HP Vertica are used for the tasks of organizing data warehouses and Business Intelligence.

    T1 Integration is a partner of the DBMS market leaders and leading suppliers of server hardware and system software. This allows the company's specialists to implement complex projects that include all stages from software development (or the introduction of software from other manufacturers) to the design and implementation of computing complexes for optimal functioning of DBMS with specified availability indicators. In addition, the company's DBMS specialists «T1 Integration» they provide technical support and outsourcing services, performance audit, cross-platform database migration, fault tolerance and backup settings.

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