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The main activities of the company "T1 Integration" include the design, construction and modernization of data processing centers (data centers). Broad competencies and developed expertise in this area allow us to carry out complex turnkey projects: from audit and selection of design solutions in accordance with the requirements of the customer's business to implementation, technical support and development of engineering and computing infrastructure of data centers.

The development and implementation of life support systems is offered not only as part of complex integration projects, but also as an independent service, for example, as part of the work on equipping server rooms with engineering infrastructure. Work on the design and implementation of computer systems can also be performed as a separate service.

The high level of projects is ensured by strategic partnership with leading equipment manufacturers, the use of the world's best technologies and own technological developments.

Key solutions and services
  • Modular data center "IT CREW"

    For the rapid deployment of data center infrastructure, T1 Integration offers a comprehensive high-availability engineering solution with the possibility of unlimited scalability, a modular data center, an IT CREW.

    One data center module includes server and engineering blocks. There are 14 42U, 19" racks installed in the server unit to accommodate active equipment. Server racks are installed parallel to the water cooling panels and fixed on rail rails. The power of the server unit is designed up to 10 kW per rack, up to 140 kW per unit. The life support systems of the data center are installed in the engineering block - a compartment for cold supply and uninterruptible power supply systems. The engineering systems of the modular data center are pre-installed, adjusted and tested. Subsequent development can take place by adding an engineering and server unit to the existing complex. When the server blocks are docked, a single technological room is formed for the installation of active equipment.

    The IT CREW solution is especially relevant for remote areas or cities with a high cost of renting space or buying a building. A modular data center can be placed near cheap sources of electricity and relocated in case of changes in business needs, which ensures the safety of investments.

    The implementation of the project to create a modular data center with 56 racks takes 6 months, which is 1.5-2 times less than the deadline for the construction and equipping of a stationary data center. IT is possible to implement the IT CREW solution in accordance with Tier III or Tier IV according to the Uptime Institute classification.

  • Modular physical protection room

    Modular Physical Protection Room (MPFZ) is a highly efficient solution for hosting active IT equipment and data storage, transmission and processing systems. The security room ensures constant maximum security of equipment, network components and servers.

    The solution includes sandwich panels, including elements of walls, ceiling and floor, doors, hatches for fresh air supply and overpressure relief, special cable entries. The structure is fully prepared for installation.

    Advantages of the solution:

    • Fast installation time (installation is possible even during operation of IT equipment)
    • The ability to move and expand the room
    • Minimum amount of dirt and construction debris during installation
    • Protection against fire extinguishing liquid, leaks and dust (IP 56), standing water, corrosive gases
    • Protection against vandalism and unauthorized access (up to and including WK4)
    • Protection against electromagnetic radiation
    • Explosion test successfully passed (200 kg TNT at a distance of 40 meters)

    The solution has passed the ECB-S fire resistance certification of the European Association of Safety Systems (ESSA) and meets all the criteria of the EN 1047-2 standard (translation of the certificate in Russia GOST R 52919-2008).

  • Modular mini-data centers (security safes)

    To ensure the physical security of active equipment, T1 Integration suggests using modular safety deposit boxes for racks. This solution is optimal for small and medium-sized businesses and minimizes the risks of damage or destruction of IT equipment.

    Modular safes include a full range of infrastructure solutions: air conditioning, early fire detection and extinguishing systems, monitoring system, various types of locks, power distribution systems. The solution is characterized by ease and speed of installation, while the installation can be carried out around the working equipment. If necessary, the modular safe can be moved (for example, if the company moves).

    Advantages of modular mini-data centers:

    • Fire resistance F90 (DIN 4102 / EN 1363)
    • Fire resistance of at least 30 min. according to EN 1047-2 (temperature rise of no more than 50K with humidity level below 85%, the complete structure is tested)
    • Tightness: protection against fire extinguishing liquid, leaks and dust (IP 56)
    • Reliable fire-resistant and sealed cable entries
    • Reliable protection against burglary (DIN 18103 with confirmed 2nd class of burglary resistance)
    • Protection against electromagnetic radiation
  • Audit and development of the technical concept of the data center

    T1 Integration carefully analyzes the needs of the customer's business in information resources and develops a data center concept that meets current tasks and provides for the possibility of upgrading and scaling the data center in the future. The technical concept takes into account the need to optimize capital and operating costs, as well as minimize operational risks. In the process of developing the concept, the main technical characteristics of the data center and the list of engineering solutions corresponding to the customer's business objectives are determined, therefore, this stage of work is of great importance for the successful implementation of a comprehensive project to create a data processing center and ensure optimal operation.

  • Project Management

    T1 Integration coordinates the work at all stages of the project, performing the functions of the general contractor. The practice of project management, formed on the basis of its own more than 20 years of experience and the best world methodologies, allows the company to successfully implement large-scale projects of any complexity with strict compliance with deadlines. The company's management system meets the requirements of both international standards and domestic GOST.

  • Design of IT and engineering systems

    T1 Integration performs the design of information and engineering systems in accordance with Russian and international standards, regulatory documents, GOST and SNiP. A team of experts in design and engineering works performs a full list of design works: from the formation of a design assignment and the release of project documentation to obtaining a positive expert opinion. The quality of the design and its compliance with all customer requirements are ensured by the presence of the company's technical, production and service centers, as well as its own test benches.

  • 3D and CFD modeling

    The use of advanced 3D and CFD modeling technologies allows our specialists to calculate the characteristics of each of the engineering systems of the data processing center, taking into account the requirements for energy efficiency, performance and reliability of the facility. This reduces the time and financial costs of engineering analysis and making design decisions.

  • Building Information Model (BIM)

    Information 3D modeling of the data center contains virtual equivalents of the actual elements of the object and allows the company's development team to simulate a "virtual" building before the actual construction in order to understand its behavior and identify potential problems.

  • Supply of equipment, materials and software

    Direct partnerships with leading manufacturers of engineering, computing, network equipment and software, as well as long-term cooperation with suppliers of building materials allow T1 Integration to offer customers optimal technological solutions and control the quality of products supplied at all stages - from production to implementation.

  • Construction

    Within the framework of complex projects for the creation of data processing centers, T1 Integration performs the entire range of construction, installation and commissioning works, including the creation of modular physical security rooms that provide protection from fire, water penetration, corrosive gases, vandalism, unauthorized access, electromagnetic pulses, dust, explosions and falling debris.

  • Commissioning

    "T1 Integration" provides services for complex testing and commissioning of the entire complex of data center systems.

  • Certification of the data center for compliance with the Uptime Institute classification

    T1 Integration provides services for applying for certification of a project or data center at the Uptime Institute and provides professional advisory support in the certification process, having the necessary competencies and having accredited specialists in the field of data center reliability levels in the Accredited Tier Designer and Accredited Tier Specialist programs. The right to issue a certificate of compliance with the Tier standard belongs only to the Uptime Institute.

    The certification process includes:

    • Audit of the energy efficiency of the project and its compliance with environmental standards
    • Audit of financial indicators of the project
    • Audit of fault tolerance of design solutions
    • Analysis of applied innovative design solutions
    • Recommendations for optimizing engineering infrastructure

    The competencies of T1 Integration in the field of data center certification are confirmed by the successful experience of obtaining the first Uptime Institute Tier IV Design Documents certificate in Russia for the data processing center of Technopark-Mordovia.

  • System technical support of IT systems

    T1 Integration provides services covering the entire list of tasks that arise during the creation and operation of engineering and IT infrastructure:

    • Provision of services in the 24x7x365 mode throughout Russia and the CIS
    • Comprehensive outsourcing of maintenance and operation of engineering and IT infrastructure
    • Carrying out routine and proactive measures that increase the availability of infrastructure
    • Technical arbitration services in solving complex technical problems
    • Support of specialized complexes
    • Business application support
    • Operation management as a service

    Basic technical support services for hardware and software:

    • 3 technical support lines
    • The highest technical expertise in the products of leading vendors (Cisco, Juniper, IBM, EMC, Veritas, etc.)
    • Management of service contracts in accordance with the best industrial standards and Russian specifics

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