Helping your business digital transformation Corporate telecommunications in accordance with modern world practices.

«T1 Integration», and externally. Designing, implementing and servicing corporate telecom resources, T1 Integration pays special attention to the possibilities of optimizing communication costs, as well as issues of expanding or modernizing solutions with minimal costs.

Depending on the needs of the customer, T1 Integration offers comprehensive solutions, including the implementation of turnkey corporate communications systems, or individual products for the creation or development of various telecommunications subsystems.

In order to improve the quality of information and telecommunication services provided to businesses, T1 Integration introduces a centralized network monitoring system and ICT infrastructure. Information about the status of resources is provided in real time for the purpose of operational analysis of the compliance of systems with business requirements. To ensure the continuity of the workflow and user support, the Support Service system allows, which can be provided by "1 Integration" Software as a Service (SaaS).

Key services and solutions
  • Corporate data networks

    In projects to create fault-tolerant corporate data transmission networks, T1 Integration uses network equipment from market leaders, which ensures reliable operation and the possibility of expanding implemented solutions.

    Solved problems:

    • Efficient organization of business applications.
    • Secure connection of remote offices and employees.
    • Providing secure Internet access and wireless connections.
    • Organization of telephone and video conferencing.

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of data transmission network solutions from leading manufacturers: Avaya, Cisco, Huawei, Juniper.

  • SDN solutions for WAN networks

    Modern WAN networks use MPLS technologies for optimal use of available network resources. With the increasing complexity of MPLS topologies, the traditional approach to their management is losing its effectiveness. SDN systems are designed to take WAN network management to a new level.

    Solved problems:

    • Real-time monitoring
    • Improving the efficiency of using network resources
    • Deployment and modification of the MPLS topology

    T1 Integration is a partner of the main suppliers of SDN solutions Cisco and Juniper, and also has competencies in leading SDN solutions Cisco WAE and Juniper NorthStar.

  • Corporate telephony

    Within the framework of projects to create corporate telephony networks, T1 Integration focuses on optimizing telephone communication costs for the customer, improving the reliability and quality of communication, simplifying operation and ensuring the necessary level of security. As an alternative to traditional telephony, the introduction of IP telephony or convergent solutions combining the capabilities of these two technologies is proposed.

    «T1 Integration» performs a full range of work — from design to implementation and technical support of corporate telephony networks.

    The company "T1 Integration" has expertise in the design and implementation of corporate telephony solutions from leading manufacturers: Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, etc.

  • Unified communications

    To improve the efficiency of interaction between the company's divisions, the introduction of a unified communications system is proposed. The solution provides employees with the ability to exchange information using any means of communication at hand. This is achieved by integrating into a single environment all means of communication, including instant messaging services (chats), Workplace Presence information (Presence), telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing, document collaboration tools, call management and speech recognition with unified mail systems (voice mail, email, SMS and fax).

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of unified communications solutions from leading manufacturers: Avaya, Cisco, HP, etc.

  • Wireless networks

    T1 Integration offers the introduction of wireless networks of various designs, both standardized and proprietary. Internal wireless networks provide high-quality coverage in buildings: offices, medical institutions, shopping complexes, hotels, restaurants and other similar facilities. T1 Integration uses Aruba, Cisco, HP, Ruckus, etc. equipment to organize indoor networks. External wireless networks are designed for deployment in open areas, for example, in parks, as well as at industrial facilities using Aruba, Cisco, HP, Ruckus, etc.

    T1 Integration has developed expertise in the field of wireless network implementation (certified Professional specialists), has professional equipment for performing surveys and has unique experience in implementing projects, including the first in Russia implementation of a wireless network of 150 access points with active RFID tags.

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of wireless networks based on equipment from leading manufacturers (Avaya, Cisco, Juniper, HP), performs work on the calculation of projected and radio inspection of existing wireless networks using measuring software and hardware complexes.

  • Multimedia solutions

    With many years of experience in implementing and integrating multimedia solutions, T1 Integration offers companies of various market segments effective tools to improve the quality of communications, ensure prompt decision-making, organize collaboration and training, as well as for entertainment events.

    Multimedia solutions include:

    Display systems
    Depending on the task, various solutions for display systems can be offered: these can be video walls, projectors, various video panels and interactive screens.

    Voice-over systems
    Voice-over systems allow you to ensure the clarity of sound reproduction and uniformity of sound throughout the hall. These include: congress systems, power amplifiers, acoustic systems and sound sources.

    Switching systems
    Switching equipment allows you to combine all audio and video systems into a single system, and also makes it possible to connect various external equipment to them. Switching equipment includes: audio and video switches, scalers, converters, transmitters of various signals, etc.

    Control systems
    Integrated integration and management solutions allow you to combine and automate multimedia systems and connect external equipment to them.

    Additional funds
    Additional tools include interactive GIS systems, light sources, uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning systems, etc.

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of multimedia solutions from leading manufacturers: JBL, NEC, LG, Samsung, Jupiter, etc.

  • Video conferencing

    The videoconferencing system makes it possible to increase the efficiency of communications in geographically distributed organizations, provide new opportunities for remote work and organization of meetings, provide access to specialists from various industries and the ability to take security measures in real time.

    T1 Integration offers services for the supply and implementation of the entire complex of equipment and software for video conferencing, including multipoint conferences. The company has a unique experience in deploying VCS networks on a federal scale.

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of video conferencing solutions from leading manufacturers: Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, Avaya, etc.

  • Telepresence systems

    Telepresence systems provide the effect of virtual presence at a distance, combining the transmission of audio and video signals with interactive interaction tools. Thus, Telepresence solutions allow you to reach a new level of organizing meetings, business meetings and collaboration at a distance.

    Unlike videoconferencing, such systems are focused on creating the effect of communication in one room due to the means of video display, natural acoustic environment, lighting, as well as providing the interlocutors with the opportunity to be on the same line of sight with each other, that is, to communicate "eye to eye".

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of telepresence solutions from leading manufacturers: Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, Avaya.

  • Contact centers

    T1 Integration has broad competencies and many years of experience in the field of creating contact centers designed for remote interaction of companies with customers and contractors.

    Complex projects for equipping contact centers include the creation of a number of subsystems that solve the tasks of processing and distributing voice calls, managing and improving the efficiency of operators, reporting and recording conversations. To ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of communications, various multimedia channels of interaction are used, including e-mail, web chats, social networks, etc.

    Thanks to integration with the CRM system and other information resources, the contact center is a full-featured tool for support and maintenance of sales, customer service, organization of information interaction between government agencies and the public, etc.

    T1 Integration has expertise in the design and implementation of contact centers based on equipment from leading manufacturers: Avaya, Cisco, Naumen, etc.

  • Situational and dispatch centers
    Situational and dispatch centers are designed for information and analytical support for the development and adoption of management decisions. The centers are equipped with all communications, including video conferencing or telepresence, tools for collecting, analyzing and preparing information for decision-making. The configuration of the situational or dispatch center is developed individually for each customer, taking into account its main tasks. 

    For the operational creation of situational centers, T1 Integration has developed its own high-availability solution, which is a complex of software and hardware. The complex "Situation Center" provides:

    • Monitoring of the situation, monitoring of the condition and control of the parameters of objects or systems
    • Modeling the development of situations, identification of unfavorable situations at the initial stage
    • Presentation of information on collective and individual display media for the purpose of decision-making
    • Coordination of actions of various structural units (departments, divisions)
    • Prompt resolution of incidents and emergencies, crisis management
    • The work of users and systems with maps and attribute-address information linked to some part of the Earth's surface (geoinformation system, precise positioning system, global satellite navigation system)
    • The work of users and systems with various information and analytical systems
  • Warning systems

    Warning systems are used in case of emergency situations to transmit emergency evacuation messages or other necessary information. In everyday mode, they can be used to broadcast informational and advertising messages, background sound, etc.

    Such solutions are used by customers from various industries: both at production facilities and in offices, social institutions, shopping and entertainment centers, sports facilities, transport hubs and other places of mass stay of people.

    Depending on the scale and territorial structure of the facilities, T1 Integration implements both centralized and distributed notification systems.

  • IPTV systems

    T1 Integration offers a comprehensive solution for organizing the broadcasting of satellite, terrestrial and cable channels in an IP network (Streaming), access to video on demand (VOD) and other interactive television services. The system can be used on objects of different scales - from business centers and social institutions to large geographically distributed organizations. The solution allows you to create and broadcast your own corporate TV programs using "virtual studios" technologies and third-party video content.

  • Digital signage systems

    Digital Signage systems are designed to organize the broadcasting of audiovisual content in conjunction with IPTV systems, as well as for autonomous use as a display system for corporate content or advertising.

    T1 Integration offers comprehensive solutions based on the products of leading manufacturers, providing advanced features, including scheduled broadcasting, remote updating of content and broadcast schedule. If necessary, the solution can include a billing subsystem.

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