Helping your business digital transformation Automation of production in accordance with modern world practices.

T1 Integration Company is a supporter of a comprehensive unified approach. Based on these principles, all solutions for industrial enterprises are grouped in the form of integral frameworks that allow automating the corresponding segment of a digital enterprise.

  • The main production is the Digital Workshop framework

    Digital workshop

    This framework provides support for the creation of workshops (production units) and their digital counterparts for effective management of the operation of production assets and output. The use of these solutions allows you to achieve the following effects:

    • Increasing the efficiency of production and output up to 40%
    • Reduction of operating costs up to 50%
    • Reduction of machine processing time up to 6 times
    • Increasing the payload coefficient on the equipment by 2.5 times

    Supply and installation of production equipment

    Thanks to the partnership with companies such as KUKA, DMG MORI, as well as the competencies of its own engineering center, T1 Integration offers the creation of modern turnkey production workshops from design to construction and supply of production equipment. Our projects also include commissioning of engineering and production systems according to customer requirements.

    Engineering systems and industrial communications

    We provide a full cycle of work on the creation of solutions for the provision of engineering communications of the enterprise. Modern air conditioning, lighting and water supply systems give our customers confidence in the high degree of readiness of their enterprises.

    Industrial communication solutions— secure wired and wireless systems — the basis of industrial data transmission infrastructure. Thanks to our partner network, together with mobile operators, we can offer unique services for the deployment of Private LTE networks on the territory of the enterprise. As part of this service, we are able to implement the transmission of both voice and technological traffic, provide GOST encryption, secure, limited Internet access, and much more.

    The Industrial Internet of Things

    T1 Integration offers its customers from different sectors of the economy the creation and implementation of innovative solutions based on the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT). IIOT is a technology for corporate and industry applications that allows you to combine production facilities (machines, robots, engineering systems, etc.) using computer networks. This makes it possible to remotely monitor, diagnose and optimize the operation of equipment, production or business processes in general, including without human intervention.

    It should be noted that the technology is the basis for the creation of a digital enterprise in the concept of "Industry 4.0", as it acts as a supplier of data from production facilities, including cyber-physical systems, for a single digital information space of the enterprise.

    As a result of the introduction of the industrial Internet of Things in production, the efficiency of using equipment increases, the cost of its repairs and the risks of unplanned downtime decrease, and the utilization of operating personnel increases. The data collected thanks to IIoT can also be used for analysis in Big Data management systems. The use of Big Data tools provides an additional synergistic effect for business.

    The T1 Integration portfolio includes the following complete solutions based on industrial Internet of Things technology:

    Monitoring of production equipment

    Thanks to the modern IIOT platform, which has the possibility of direct connection to any industrial controllers, including controllers of CNC machines, it is achieved:

    • Working with equipment without human intervention
    • Early identification and identification of possible breakdowns and failures
    • Monitoring of critical operating modes and analysis of changes in equipment operation parameters

    Effect of implementation:

    • Reduction of equipment downtime by 40%
    • Reduction of maintenance costs and purchase of spare parts by 35%
    • Reducing the number of emergency situations associated with equipment failure
    • Optimization of production processes
    • Energy saving

    Safe workshop and "smart production"

    IIoT-based solutions make it possible to control and manage the microclimate of industrial premises and other parameters of the occupational safety system.

    Thanks to the connection to a single information network of facilities such as furnaces, galvanic baths, assembly lines, not only the control of technological processes is ensured, but also an increase in the overall level of safety and comfort of work. This has a positive effect on the quality of products.

    The addition of the solution with a local positioning system (RTLS) allows you to track the movement of products, vehicles and personnel, which significantly minimizes the risks of accidents at work.

    Effect of implementation:

    • Reduction of the number of defective products by 20%
    • Reduction of expenses for the purchase of consumables for measuring and testing equipment by 35%
    • Lack of human factor when performing data collection
    • Transparent analysis of the production cycle (comparison of equipment controller data with reporting)
    • Reduction of accidents at work

    IIoT solution for agro-industrial complex

    The company "T1 Integration" offers a number of IIoT solutions for the agro-industrial complex, which include:

    • A set of wireless multifunctional sensors integrated into a low-power LPWAN network. Each sensor is equipped with an autonomous power source with a resource reserve of up to 5 years of operation
    • Various gateways that provide routing of LPWAN networks in the network of an enterprise or service provider
    • A monitoring system that allows you to visualize the data received from sensors
    • Cloud infrastructure, which, if desired by the customer, can be used to deploy this solution according to the SaaS model

    The versatility of the components allows you to deploy the infrastructure in a short time to perform tasks such as:

    • Control of storage modes of agricultural products to prevent losses (control of temperature, humidity, illumination, etc.).
    • Prevention of animal diseases, where the profile system of the class "Electronic Shepherd" with the help of "smart" ear tags controls the body temperature of the animal, its activity, location and other parameters. This guarantees both timely detection of disease risks and prevention of epidemics in herds and on farms.
    • Assessment of land quality. Remote monitoring of the condition of the earthlands monitors the content of trace elements, soil moisture, illumination in greenhouses, etc. Smart management of agricultural systems is also available for timely irrigation, fertilization and additional illumination in the required spectrum (for greenhouses)

    Industrial Internet of Things from the cloud

    We can offer all the IIoT solutions presented above to the customer from our T1 Cloud. At the same time, the customer receives additional effects:

    • Lack of CAPEX in connection with the solution
    • Fast payback
    • No need for its own IT infrastructure and the associated costs of its operation
    • High speed of solution deployment
    • Round-the-clock support

    Digital twin and production modeling

    We present a class of solutions that will help to effectively plan and simulate the production activities of the enterprise.

    Reliability Management and predictive analytics

    The implementation of a comprehensive solution has become possible thanks to the use of IIoT as a data provider and deep machine learning methods for forecasting and planning.

    The implementation contributes to an increase in the share of scheduled preventive repairs of equipment and maintenance up to 75-80%, minimizing emergency interventions.

    System efficiency:

    • For production units - reduction of equipment downtime due to malfunction, increase of equipment technical readiness coefficient
    • For repair departments — reduction of the share of unplanned malfunctions, optimization of repair service resources
    • For the enterprise as a whole, an increase in the efficiency of using equipment with production "just in time" and the absence of penalties, as well as a reduction in the cost of repairs due to clear planning of the purchase of MTR and optimal organization of work. The risks of inactivity of repair crews, unplanned downtime of equipment, and therefore related losses are also minimized

    Digital double

    The solution supports full visualization of real objects using fully functional digital 3D models enriched with real-time data using IIoT technology.

    Digital doubles perform the following tasks:

    • Visual representation of production processes and equipment operation for its effective control
    • Conducting «virtual» tests
    • Technological preparation of production — creation of virtual layouts
    • Modeling of production processes and systems
    • Conducting staff training, as well as improving the quality of service equipment through interactive instructions using virtual and augmented reality technology

    Digital production double

    The product helps to quickly assess the overall efficiency of the enterprise, model and plan production activities.

    The digital twin of production supports full online visualization of real objects (production lines, workshops and equipment). It is performed using fully functional digital 3D models, which are enriched with new data (including information about the environment and operating conditions) in real time using IIoT technology.

    A visual representation of an objective picture of production processes and equipment operation with current significant characteristics provides the function of monitoring and diagnostics of production equipment. This is necessary for effective control and subsequent optimization of technological processes, to support the adoption of balanced and operational management decisions. Also, the digital twin of production allows you to simulate production processes and systems, create virtual layouts. Recreating production inside the computer space helps to assess how the processes will change in different conditions.

    The product "Digital twin of production" includes the following modules:

    • Industrial Internet of Things platform for monitoring equipment and technological processes (Winnum software platform). The company can choose the option of implementation or receipt in the form of a service based onThe T1 Cloud Cloud platform. All known controllers (Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc, Haas, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Balt-Systems, Schneider Electric, Shimaden, Omron, etc.) and basic industrial protocols are supported, and equipment not equipped with its own controllers can be connected using the Winnum Hardware OE communication module (individual support is possible for rare systems)
    • Creation of high-performance IT infrastructure of the enterprise, including protected segments of the technological network
    • Development of 2D/3D models depending on the requirements of the enterprise
    • Development of integration and behavioral algorithms of a digital system

    Effect :

    • Increasing the efficiency of production and output up to 40%
    • Reduction of operating costs up to 50%
    • Reduction of machine processing time up to 6 times
    • Increasing the payload coefficient on the equipment by 2.5 times
  • Enterprise IT infrastructure - framework "Foundation for digital solutions"

    Foundation for digital solutions

    We ensure the construction of a comprehensive, reliable and efficient IT and communications infrastructure - the technological basis for digital transformation.

    Thanks to our ICT solutions, the following is achieved:

    • Cost reduction by 10-25% compared to classical infrastructure
    • Reduction of expenses per employee by 15%
    • Significant reduction in downtime
    • Rapid scaling/implementation of services
  • Enterprise Management Framework

    Enterprise management

    This framework implements automation of business processes and processes of administrative and economic activity of the enterprise with the help of modern digital solutions.

    Effect :

    • Production management, cost accounting, detailed cost accounting, production planning according to the MRP II methodology
    • Procurement and inventory management, reduction of inventory volumes
    • Real-time financial data analysis
  • "Safety and security"

    Implementation of integrated systems for ensuring the safety of facilities and industrial safety, control systems for compliance with labor protection requirements. 

    Effect :

    • Prevention of illegal break-ins, theft and other security incidents
    • Prevention of injuries and loss of life
    • Reduction of financial losses and sanctions as a result of violations of the requirements of the labor protection regulator
  • Solutions for power systems of the enterprise - "Energy efficiency"

    Organizational and technical measures aimed at the rational use of fuel and energy resources as a source of additional financial potential.

    Effect :

    • Saving payments for fuel and energy complex — 30%
    • Reduction of OPEX to -20% of the cost of production
    • Accident rate reduction up to -80%
    • Digital forecasting and automation of technological processes
  • Environmental monitoring and control solutions

    Organizational and technical measures to reduce costs due to the negative impact on the environment.

    Effect :

    • Exclusion of fines and environmental payments
    • Saving water consumption — 45%
    • Savings of -10% of the budget of annual tariffs and disposal costs
  • Power supply systems

    Within the framework of solving the tasks of ensuring guaranteed and uninterrupted electricity and heat supply, T1 Integration offers the creation of generation facilities - energy centers based on gas piston (GPU, GPGU), gas turbine (GTU), diesel (DGU), steam turbine generator sets and fuel cells. Depending on the specifics of the customer's business and the tasks to be solved, the energy center may include several different subsystems, including systems for the preparation of associated gas, heat recovery and cooling supply.

  • Heat recovery systems

    In order to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of energy use, T1 Integration offers the introduction of heat recovery systems based on cogeneration technology of combined generation of electric and thermal energy. These solutions make it possible to meet the needs of consumers in heat supply, which helps to reduce production risks due to the rational use of energy resources.

    The company performs a full range of works on the design of heat recovery systems, supply and commissioning, commissioning and maintenance of mini-CHP plants, steam boilers, power centers with cogeneration plants (cooling supply in addition to electricity and heat generation), as well as absorption refrigeration units implementing the principle of thermal energy conversion.

  • Microturbine solutions

    The use of microturbines makes it possible to create mini-CHP plants with a wide range of electrical load regulation to ensure reliable power supply to consumers with cyclical, uneven loads varying within one day. The microturbine unit can operate for a long time at very low loads, including in idle mode, while generating thermal energy. Due to this, such equipment can be used as a permanent and backup source of electrical and thermal energy in industrial, office and residential buildings, entertainment and shopping centers, data centers and other facilities with large differences in hourly loads.

    High environmental characteristics and low vibration levels make it possible to use microturbines in the roof version of the placement in areas of dense development, business districts and residential neighborhoods.

  • Electrical equipment

    T1 Integration offers a wide range of services in the field of creating utility and industrial power grids, taking into account the characteristics of the facility and the needs of the customer's business. The work is done on a turnkey basis - from design to installation of low and medium voltage power grids. Within the framework of the projects, panel equipment, power distribution solutions, transformer substations and other electrical installations, as well as equipment for controlling electrical installations and electric drives from leading manufacturers are selected and supplied: Schneider Electric, Legrand, GE, etc.

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